Company Information
Company Name Kokubu Corporation
Directors President   Yasuhiro Oba
Date of establishment August 10, 1963
Capital JP¥30,000,000.- (US$306,100.00)
Fiscal Year End June
Annual Turnover JP¥1,138,000,000.- (US$11,612,000.00)
Bank Accounts Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Fujiidera Branch
Osaka Higashi Shinkin Bank , Kokubu Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Semba Branch
Japan Finance Company, Higashi-Osaka Branch
Employee 59 (Part time employees inclusive)
Business Details Manufacture and sales of Self-drilling screws, special fasteners for construction industries and plastic injection molding for fastener parts, industrial components and textile materials.
Products [Fastener factory]
NEW POINT® Self-drilling screws, SPOON® screws, HARDTEC® stainless Self-drilling screws, collated Drywall screws, and other special screws for construction field.
[Plastic factory]
LINEBOBIN for textile, plastic caps for screws, plastic cases, and other products.
Location [Head office, Fastener Factory & Logistics Center] MAP
222-1 Shindo-cho, Kashihara City, Nara, 634-0836, Japan
TEL: 81-744-25-7878
FAX: 81-744-25-4848
[Takada Factory] MAP
1-2 Imazatokawaaihou, Yamatotakada City, Nara, 634-0836, Japan
TEL: 81-745-23-3337
FAX: 81-745-23-8886
Customers & Sales Approx. 80 companies in domestic market covering 90 % of sales.
10% is for overseas market (North America, South East Asia and Europe)
Membership of The Fasteners Institute of Japan
The Fasteners Association of Kansai
Japan 2×4 Builders Association
Company History
1963 August Established Kokubu Kagaku Kougyou at 1227-1, Takaida Kashiwara City, Osaka, started manufacturing Plastic Resin Injection Molding Products.
1964 April Started manufacturing Steel (Metal) Screws (Bolts).
1966   Started manufacturing small machine and tapping screws.
1968   Started manufacturing Cross Recess Punches (Tools) and exporting machine screws.
1969   Founded screw manufacturing plant in Masan, Korea, as a joint venture.
1976   Started R & D on cold forged Self-drilling screws.
1978 June Started manufacturing cold forged Self-drilling screws.
1985 February Constructed a factory for Fastener Division.
1988 April Established Fastener Division Warehouse (for packing & shipment)
1993 May Changed company name to Kokubu Corporation and started domestic sales.
1994 August Increased capital to JP¥10,000,000- from ¥5,000,000-.
1998 February Approved as Self-drilling screws Factory for Steel Housing from Kouzai Association.
2002 May Accredited ISO9001:2000
2003 October Increased capital to JP¥20,000,000- from ¥10,000,000-.
2003 November Fastener Division and Plastic Division were integrated.
2006 July Accredited Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Grade for Drywall Screws used for Wood-frame (2 x 4) Construction.
2009 November Constructed new factory, logistics center and head office building in Shindo-cho, Nara.
2010 March Started operation in new factory.
Key Equipment
Main Facilities Cold Heading (Forming) Machine: 25 sets
Cold Pinch Pointer Machine: 16 sets
Thread Rolling Machine: 35 sets
Washer Assembling Machine: 2 sets
Shank Slotting Machine: 3 sets
Collating Screws Machine: 4 sets
Computerized Sorting Machine: 2 sets
Sorting Machine with Roller: 3 sets
Driving Test Fixture: 3 sets
Salt Spray Test Fixture: 1 set
Pull-out and Shear Strength Analytical Instrument: 1 set
Torque Analytical Instrument: 1 set
Other related inspection equipments
Updated: Oct 15, 2013